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OUCH! - The science of pain from onset to relief.

Selected lectures from Mini-Science 2012: OUCH! - The science of pain from onset to relief are now available as webcasts and podcasts, both from McGill Podcasts and from iTunes U. Listen or watch, when you want, where you want, at no charge!


Joe Schwarcz The chemical conquest of pain Podcast iTunes U
Catherine Bushnell How the mind can alter pain Podcast iTunes U
Jeff Mogil Pain, friends, sex and your mother: complexity and opportunity in pain science and treatment Podcast iTunes U
Michael Sullivan Helping people with pain resume occupational involvement Podcast iTunes U
Mark A. Ware Just say know: what marijuana has taught us about pain control Podcast iTunes U
Petra Schweinhardt The pain-reward connection Podcast iTunes U

You can read a synopsis of each talk on our Schedule webpage, and you can read short biographies on our Speakers webpage.

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