Johanna Nešlehová receives 2023 Krieger-Nelson Prize

Published: 28 March 2023

The Canadian Mathematical Society (CMS) has selected Professor Johanna Nešlehová as the 28th recipient of the Krieger-Nelson Prize. This award, established in 1995, recognizes outstanding contributions to research by a woman or female-identifying mathematician working in Canada.

Nešlehová, who completed her PhD in 2004, joined McGill in 2009 and has been a Full Professor since 2020. Her research interests cover a broad spectrum of statistical topics, including dependence modeling, extreme-value theory, multivariate analysis, and nonparametric statistics. Her work, which makes heavy use of empirical process theory and asymptotic methods, has found numerous and important applications in risk management, biostatistics, and environmental sciences.

Before 2023, the Krieger-Nelson Prize had only been awarded once to a statistician (Nancy Reid, 1995) or to a McGill professor (Olga Kharlampovich, 1996). The prize is named after Cecilia Krieger (1894-1974), the first woman to earn a PhD in mathematics from a Canadian university, and Evelyn Nelson (1943-1987), a prolific researcher in universal algebra.

The Krieger-Nelson Prize ceremony will take place at the CMS Summer Meeting in Ottawa, June 2-5, 2023, where Nešlehová will deliver a plenary lecture.

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