Barbados Field Study Semester is journey of discovery

A sea turtle on the ocean floor
Image by Emma Bergeron Quick .
Published: 22 April 2024

by Emma Bergeron Quick 

Reflecting on my semester abroad in Barbados, I feel gratitude, excitement, and nostalgia already settling in. Three months of learning in this vibrant small developing island state left an unforgettable mark on my heart and mind, shaping my perspectives, and igniting a sense of exploration, discovery, and newfound desire for change.

I always longed to experience life abroad, but financial constraints dimmed the possibility. I was close to giving up on the option, so I thank McGill’s generous award donors for allowing me to have such a life-changing experience. As I approach the end of my undergraduate journey in Environment and Development with a Geographic Information Systems minor, I am grateful for having dared to immerse myself in the Barbados Field Study Semester.

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