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Remote learning in Fall 2020


Launch of AES Student Emergency Support Fund

Published: 8Jul2020

The rapid evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic has caused sudden and widespread changes for Agricultural & Environmental Sciences (AES) students, many of whom are now struggling to make ends meet.

Faculty use creative and innovative solutions for remote teaching

Published: 29Jun2020

How do you ensure your students are really learning in your class when you can’t see them, they’re in different time zones, and they aren’t physically present in the labs where you would have been...

Bieler Family Internship Program provides essential workers and experience

Published: 29Jun2020

When McGill University announced its closure in mid-March to respect government social distancing and quarantine policies due to COVID-19, campus staff had to think fast to continue to provide high...

La pandémie relance le débat de l’autosuffisance alimentaire

Published: 25Jun2020

« On va devoir changer nos habitudes alimentaires, pas seulement nous les consommateurs, mais l'ensemble de la chaîne de production. On est un peu victime de notre propre demande », estime Pascal...

Innovative simulations and analysis accelerate search for COVID-19 treatment

Published: 23Jun2020

McGill University researchers are using cutting-edge computer simulations and analytical techniques to identify and validate promising compounds in the search for a treatment for COVID-19....

Questions et réponses sur la COVID-19 : sécurité au supermarché, avec Jennifer Ronholm

Published: 18Jun2020

Jennifer Ronholm, professeure adjointe au Département des sciences animales et au Département des sciences de l’alimentation et de la chimie agricole, nous parle de sécurité au super marché et...

Survey Examines Grocery Shopping in the Time of COVID-19

Published: 12Jun2020

McGill researcher launches online survey to study the food shopping experiences of Quebecers during COVID-19...

Survey of Eating Habits During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Published: 12Jun2020

A group of nutrition researchers at McGill University is trying to understand how the eating habits of Canadians are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Your participation to the COVIDiet study will...

OpEd: Food safety and OH&S matters during COVID-19

Published: 12Jun2020

With this current pandemic, questions around manufacturing and food safety are becoming a bigger concern for those in the production and distribution chain, as well as consumers. Here are five of...


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