Researchers concerned about lower levels of oxygen in the waters of the St. Lawrence River

Published: 7 May 2013

The level of oxygen in the St. Lawrence estuary has fallen significantly in recent decades. The causes and long-term effects of this phenomenon are poorly understood and worry researchers. ... The...

Why we age but our cells don't: The discovery of stem cells at McGill

Published: 17 April 2013

Over 60 years ago, McGill Professors Yves Clermont and Charles Leblond published a paper that revolutionized our understanding of cell biology. Their stem cell renewal theory marks the first use of...

New Royal Society of Canada inductees from the Faculty of Science

Published: 6 September 2012

The Faculty of Science offers congratulations to Professors Laurie Hendren (Computer Science), Bruce Lennox (Chemistry), Chao-Jun Li (Chemistry), and Timothy Moore (Geography), on being named...


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