Faculty of Science – Statement on racism and injustice

The events of the past weeks have brought into sharp focus, yet again, the systemic racism and pervasive inequalities that are so deeply entrenched in our societies.

The magnitude of the worldwide public response reflects pain in the face of violence, anger and frustration in the face of persistent injustice, and recognition of the urgent and overdue need for change.

The Faculty of Science recognizes its part in our collective responsibility to work against systemic and institutional racism, including anti-Black racism, and to promote equity, diversity and inclusion more broadly.

At the Faculty level, the Science Equity and Institutional Climate Committee (SEICC) focuses on addressing equity, diversity, and inclusion directly, through the development of targeted policies and support mechanisms, and also indirectly, by promoting a climate for working and learning in which all can thrive. In this context, the Faculty of Science is also home to a wide range of student-run groups and departmental committees that have been working to raise awareness and to support underrepresented groups.

Current events have brought anti-Black racism to the forefront of these ongoing discussions across our Faculty. We look forward to bringing these considerable resources to bear, as we continue to reflect, learn, consult, plan, commit and act to eradicate anti-Black racism in academia and STEM.

R. Bruce Lennox
Dean, Faculty of Science

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