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The Faculty of Science is celebrating McGill's bicentennial with SciArt200, an art exhibition on the theme of “Science!”. There is a long history of science and art; the purpose of the exhibition is to celebrate science in all its forms and however people experience it. Science means many different things to different people and so the theme is deliberately open. What is science to you? How do you celebrate it in your art?

In the same way that science is for everyone, not just scientists, all members of the McGill community, regardless of faculty, are invited to submit artwork.

SciArt200 will be curated by McGill's Climate Change Artist-in-Residence, Milton Riaño.

Guide to submissions (click to expand)

Who can submit?

Any member of the McGill community from any faculty is invited to submit.

What kind of art will be accepted?

All types of art are allowed, including (but not limited to) drawings, poetry, animations, songs, dance routines, tattoos, and pottery; any medium is good as long as it fits the theme. The committee reserves the right to reject entries it deems inappropriate.

How do I submit my art?

Art pieces can be submitted through the form below. In addition to your contact information and the piece itself, we ask for an optional short artist statement about your art. If it is not possible to submit your artwork through the form, contact us at art200.science [at] mcgill.ca and we will make alternative arrangements.

Where and when will the exhibit take place?

The exhibit will open in December 2021. Depending on the state of the pandemic and other considerations, a real-world exhibit may also be possible.

Are there any awards?

In addition to having your art displayed online there are two awards: a juried selection and a popular vote.

What is the deadline?

The deadline for submissions is October 31, 2021.

What if I have more questions?

You can contact us at art200.science [at] mcgill.ca.

Submissions for SciArt200 have now closed. The exhibition opening will take place on December 13. Learn more about the SciArt200 opening event.

If you have any questions, contact the committee at art200.science [at] mcgill.ca.

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