Resident Research Requirements

Research Requirements

The aim of implementation of research as an integral part of residency is the development of objectivity and critical appraisal in reviewing the literature.  The experience achieved through writing protocols, collection of data, and the final writing of the manuscript will give the resident better insight about the new information in the radiology literature. A research project is MANDATORY during the radiology residency.

Completion of one approved project is required.

All research proposals must be submitted to the Research Committee (RC) for approval one (1) year prior to presentation (ex; must be approved by research day of PGY 3).

A yearly progress report on the status of each project is to be sent to the RC.

The project must be completed and presented by Research Day of his/her PGY 4 year, unless there is an explicit agreement for dispensation from the Program Director and Research Committee. 

The resident is required to submit the project to a reputable journal. The resident is encouraged to submit the project as an abstract to a local or national/international meeting (ex: CAR, SCFR, RSNA, ISMRM, ARRS).

Residents may be granted up to three months research elective. Dedicated time for research ("research elective") is available to the trainee, on a case by case basis. The time off is granted by the Program Director, in consultation with the project supervisor. At the end of the research elective, the resident is required to present his/her work to the supervisor, in order to get credit for the rotation. Failure to complete the task during the time off may result in an unsatisfactory evaluation, which receives no credit towards residency completion.

A research project is mandatory and must be completed and presented by Research Day of his/her PGY 4 year.  Residents who do not complete their project at this time, may not be able to commence their PGY 5 year of training (promotion withheld).

Research Day is held annually in early Spring of each academic year and is coordinated by the Research Committee of the Department. At this time residents are expected to present their projects.  As well, the attending staff may present current work in progress.

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