Judes Poirier

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judes.poirier [at] mcgill.ca
514-761-6131 ext. 6153
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Douglas Mental Health University Institute
6825 LaSalle Blvd
Montreal, Quebec
H4H 1R3



Areas of expertise: 

Alzheimer's/neurodegenerative diseases, genetics, pharmacogenomics


Born in Montreal, Dr. Poirier is a full professor of medicine and psychiatry at McGill University, Director of the Molecular Neurobiology Unit at the Douglas University Mental Health Institute, and a senior scientist of the Canadian Institute for Aging Research. Dr. Poirier has made key contributions to the advancement of scientific research on Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease. He is internationally renowned for his works on the role of apolipoprotein E in the normal and injured brain and in the genetics of Alzheimer's disease. Besides his seminal contribution in the field of the neurobiology of apolipoprotein E, he has been a pioneer in the establishment of the pharmacogenomic bases of brain disease treatments.

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