Gail Myhr

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Associate Professor

Gail Myhr
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gail.myhr [at]

MD CM, Dip Psy, MSc, FRCP


Dr. Myhr is an Associate Professor of psychiatry at McGill University. She is a specialist in cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and has been accredited by the Academy of Cognitive Therapy (USA). She directs the RUIS McGill CBT Teaching and Research Unit as well as the McGill University Health Centre CBT Unit. In her clinical practice, she specializes in CBT for the treatment of mood, anxiety, and psychotic disorders and is actively involved in clinical supervision and teaching of CBT to psychiatry residents and other mental health professionals. Her research interests include the cost-effectiveness of CBT in Canada, predictors of suitability for short-term CBT, CBT for psychosis, attachment and psychotherapy process research, such as the use of single case time series methodology to assess effectiveness of specific interventions. More recently, she has begun to utilize Virtual Reality assisted Exposure Therapy (VRET) in the treatment of anxiety, and has a special interest in studying the process and effectiveness of CBT supervision on patient outcomes.

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