David Benrimoh

Academic title(s): 

Assistant Professor

David Benrimoh
Contact Information
Email address: 
david.benrimoh [at] mcgill.ca


Areas of expertise: 

Computational psychiatry, neuropsychiatry, psychosis, early psychosis, brain imaging, machine learning/artificial intelligence, rTMS, clinical trialsĀ 


David Benrimoh is a neuropsychiatrist who completed his psychiatry residency at McGill. He received an MSc. in Neuroscience from UCL, working with Karl Friston on computational models of auditory hallucinations. He received a second MSc. in Psychiatry from McGill, working with Simon Ducharme and Bratislav Misic on transdiagnostic imaging in psychosis. He is the founder and chief science officer at Aifred Health, a digital mental health company using artificial intelligence to create decision support tools for mental health clinicians; Aifred won the $1M USD second place prize in the global IBM-sponsored AI XPRIZE. He is the author of over 40 peer-reviewed publications. He completed his fellowship in Neuropsychiatry at Stanford University, where he conducted research on the mechanistic underpinnings of rapid acting rTMS. As an Assistant Professor at McGill, his research focuses on computational psychiatry approaches to understanding and predicting psychosis onset and using this knowledge to develop novel treatment paradigms. Clinically, he is working in psychotic disorders, with a focus on early psychosis, as well as neuropsychiatry.

Clinical Interests: 

Psychosis, neuropsychiatry and functional neurological disorder, complex diagnoses, mood and personality disorders, adolescent/young adult mental health (transdiagnostic)

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