Dr. Myrna Lashley, Radio-Canada

Le mythe de la femme noire : pour aller au-delà de la Jézabel et de la nounou. Lire ici

Published: 15 Feb 2023

Dr. Simon Ducharme - Newly appointed Associate Chair of Research

Dear Colleagues,

I am delighted to announce the appointment of Dr. Simon Ducharme as the new Associate Chair, Research . As Associate Chair of Research for the Department of Psychiatry, Dr. Ducharme will be responsible for the Department’s research mission and oversee strategic research planning. He will also assist the Chair in the coordination of research activities, recruitment of researchers, and review the research-track residency program.

Published: 15 Feb 2023

Dr. Serge Gauthier, Radio-Canada, South China Morning Post

Un régime méditerranéen pour ralentir le déclin de la mémoire? Radio-Canada

Chinese study shows healthy lifestyle can slow age-related memory loss. South China Morning Post

Published: 4 Feb 2023

Dr. Gabriella Gobbi,CBC

Canadian researchers cheer U.S. regulator's push for tighter rules on CBD


Published: 4 Feb 2023

Dr. Serge Gauthier, Radio-Canada

Mieux manger aide à ralentir le déclin de la mémoire, confirme une étude


Published: 27 Jan 2023

Dr. Simon Ducharme, L'Actuel ICI Radio-Canada

Mois de la sensibilisation à la maladie d'Alzheimer. Écoutez ici

Published: 20 Jan 2023

Dr. Robert Whitley, La Presse+

Parler du suicide au lieu de censurer

Published: 11 Jan 2023

Dr. Suzanne King, ICI Radio-Canada

Crise du verglas : les effets sur les femmes enceintes et leurs bébés

Published: 11 Jan 2023

Dr. Suzanne King, CBC News Montreal, La Presse

'Born stressed': The 1998 ice storm and anxious babies

Suzanne King, a researcher at the Douglas Mental Health University Institute, has been researching the effects of stress on pregnant women and their children. She asked women to recall stressful experiences from their pregnancies decades later, which she said wasn't ideal. When the ice storm hit, she saw it as a perfect opportunity to follow women and their children over several years, she told CBC's Radio Noon.

Published: 11 Jan 2023

Dr. Myrna Lashley quoted on CBC

How racial bias can affect 911 calls and what dispatchers in Montreal are learning to stop it The training provided to 911 operators, which is among the first of its kind in North America, is part of an internal push for change inside the Montreal police. It prompted the operators to question how they can prevent biases or racist stereotypes from filtering through a 911 call into the police response.

Published: 9 Dec 2022

Dr. Catherine Fichten quoted in Montreal Gazette

Experts on accessibility, ableism and inclusion across Canada gather for second National Dialogues and Action

Published: 9 Dec 2022

Dr. Robert Whitley quoted in Global News

Montreal initiative aims to help Black youth find path to success It is targeting Black youth aged 18 – 25 because, according to lead researcher Dr. Robert Edward Whitley, associate professor in McGill university’s department of psychiatry, they tend to fall into the NEET category. “NEET is an academic word that means ‘not in education, employment and training,'” he explained. “We do know that young Black men tend to be overrepresented in that category.”

Published: 9 Dec 2022

Dr. Myrna Lashley quoted in Global News

Community leaders say Fady Dagher is the ‘right person’ to lead Montreal police

...“I love it. I love it. I love it. I had wanted this the last time around and he didn’t get it,” said Dr. Myrna Lashley, a psychologist in the Department of Psychiatry at McGill University. Global News

Published: 25 Nov 2022

Dr. Salah El Mestikawy featured on ICI Radio-Canada

Reprendre le contrôle sur l’anorexie

Published: 23 Nov 2022

Resident Awards Night

Dear Residents and Faculty,

The Resident Awards Night took place on November 21, 2022. We would like to thank the MPRA and the Department of Psychiatry for making this a special evening where we were able to honor Faculty, Residents and Administrative Staff achievements. It was truly a pleasure to be able to celebrate again in-person. Congratulations to all this year’s winners!

Faculty Awards

Published: 23 Nov 2022


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