Spotlight on Dr. Eduardo Chachamovitch

Dr. Educardo Chachamovitch
Published: 11 March 2013

This week, the Department of Psychiatry would like to put the spotlight on Dr. Eduardo Chachamovich.

Dr. Chachamovich is a psychiatrist with research expertise in Aboriginal mental health and in modern psychometric analyses. He received his doctorate in Psychiatry from UFRGS/Brazil and University of Edinburgh/UK and has been involved for several years in multi-centre studies with the World Health Organization. He also completed a two-year postdoctoral fellowship at McGill which consisted of a comprehensive assessment of risk and protective factors for suicide completion among Inuit in the Territory of Nunavut.

At McGill, he is an Assistant Professor for the Department of Psychiatry. He is also a member of the McGill Group for Suicide Studies and the Network for Aboriginal Mental Health Research (NAHMR). Dr. Chachamovich is involved in the RUIS McGill committee for the promotion of the mental health care of the Great North and co-directs the Great North Mental Health Program alongside Mr. Charles-Edouard Carrier. His teaching activities include supervision of residents in northern communities as well as mentoring graduate students.

Based at the Douglas Mental Health University Institute, Dr. Chachamovich has a leadership position in advancing culturally-appropriate research and psychiatric care of the Aboriginal peoples in Quebec. He has been awarded with the FRSQ checheur-boursier clinicien 2011-2015.

“I am honored and excited to have the chance to work in such a productive and inspiring environment. I am especially grateful for the significant support of the Department of Psychiatry that has helped me to pursue my research career on Aboriginal mental health and well-being.”—Dr. Eduardo Chachamovich.

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