Resident Awards Night Results--November 21, 2012


Resident Awards Night

The Resident Awards Night took place at the Thomson House on November 21st. I would like to thank the MPRA and the Department of Psychiatry for making this a special evening where we were able to honor Faculty and Resident achievements.
Congratulations to the 2012 award recipients!

Best regards,
Karl Looper, MD, FRCPC
Program Director, Post-Graduate Education


Faculty Awards
Best Teacher Award: Dr. Nicola Casacalenda
Best Supervisor Award: Dr. Eugenia Zikos
Best Training Director Award: Dr. Nicola Casacalenda
Resident Awards for the Best Scholarly Paper
Geriatric Psychiatry Prize:
Dr. Soham Rej 
The Effects of Lithium on Renal Function in Older Adults – A Systematic Review
Gabrielle Weiss Prize for Child Psychiatry: Dr. Venkat Bhat
Do Gender Differences Between Students with ADHD and their Teachers Impact Evaluation of ADHD Symptomatology?
Innovative Publication Prize:

Dr. Soham Rej

Chronic Renal Failure in Lithium-using Geriatric Patients: Effects of Lithium Continuation vs. Discontinuation – a 60-Month Retrospective Study

Saul Wilner Prize:
Dr. Ammar Albanna 
TCF4 Gene Polymorphism and Cognitive Performance in Patients with First Episode Psychosis
Serge Bikadoroff Prize:
Dr. Tuong Vi Nguyen 
Comorbidity of Migraine and Mood Episodes in a Nationally-Representative Population-Based Sample
Chairman's Prize: Dr. Laura Pacione
The Mental Health of Children Facing Collective Adversity
Resident Awards for Clinical and Educational Excellence
Dennis Engels Award for Excellence in Psychotherapy: Dr. Elise Martineau-Corbeil
Most Promising Teacher: Dr. Rachel Kronick
Most Promising Clinician: Dr. Valérie Falardea

 Honorable mention goes to recipents of the Gag Awards:

The Community Involvement Award Lorin Young
The Resident Life Involvement Award Leon Tourian
The Social Butterfly Award Marc Chammas
The Intellectual Award Eric Lis
The Conspiracy Award Jason Bond
The Sarcasm Award Matthew Even Sloan
The Best Dressed Award Leon Tourian
The Politics Award Ruben Martins