Info Capsule: Spotlight on Dr. Frank Elgar


Dr. Frank Elgar

This week, the Department of Psychiatry would like to put the spotlight on Dr. Frank Elgar who was recently awarded the Canada Research Chair Tier 2 Award.

Dr. Elgar is a psychologist  with research expertise in social inequalities in health and family influences on child mental health. He received his doctorate in developmental psychology from Dalhousie University and has worked in university and government settings in Canada and the United Kingdom. At McGill, he is an Associate Professor for the Department of Psychiatry and has a joint appointment with the Institute for Health Research and Social Policy. He is also a co-investigator with the Canadian team participating in the World Health Organisation: Health Behaviour of School-aged Children study. Based at the Douglas Mental Health University Institute, his research is a blend of psychology and social epidemiology. He explores social and economic determinants of health and human development, focusing primarily on links between income inequality, social capital and population health. His other research examines the effects of financial stress and parental mental illness on child health.

“The CRC award was a special opportunity for me to focus on research with outstanding students and colleagues at McGill. I feel honoured to work in such a vibrant research community at the Douglas Institute and Institute for Health and Social Policy. I especially appreciate the support of the Department of Psychiatry that allows me to explore research into health inequalities and international differences in children's mental health and well-being.”—Dr. Frank Elgar