Dr. Hannah Schwartz: New Training Director at St. Mary's Hospital Center


It is my pleasure to announce the appointment of Dr. Hannah Schwartz as our new Training Director of Postgraduate Psychiatry at St. Mary’s Hospital Center.

Dr. Schwartz completed her residency in psychiatry at McGill University and a fellowship in perinatal and early childhood psychiatry at Université de Montréal. She presently serves on the Selection Committee for CaRMS and is a co-chair for a module in the postgraduate Diploma Course.

Dr. Schwartz’s clinical activity includes consultation-liaison activity to the Department of Obstetrics, which comprises a new Perinatal Mental Health Clinic. She is a clinical supervisor for the core Collaborative Care rotation at St. Mary’s.

On behalf of the department, I wish Dr. Schwartz every success in developing our postgraduate teaching mandate at the hospital level, and within the McGill University network.

Dr. Santokh Singh, Psychiatrist-in-Chief
St. Mary's Hospital Center