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a close-up of Chanelle with long, curly brown hair, fair skin and a smile.

Chanelle Lajoie, 2023-2024 Co-Coordinator

Chanelle Lajoie is a Queer Cree-Métis first-generation law student from Treaty 1 Territory completing their final year at McGill law. Chanelle is the eldest of three, a partner, a daughter, an active community member, a filmmaker, and a researcher. Chanelle's areas of legal interests span broadly and include Indigenous laws and feminist perspectives, Trans and gender justice, public health, and harm reduction. Having first joined PBSC last year as a student-volunteer at the Native Women's Shelter of Montreal, Chanelle's commitment to merging legal studies and community were also witnessed through participation as a member to McGill's OutLaw Executive Committee, Rooted Journal's editing committee, the Legal Information Clinic's Junior Advising team, and interning with the International Human Rights Internship Program in Sofia, Bulgaria. Chanelle has also been accepted as a 2023-2024 LEVEL Justice Fellow and looks forward centring Black, Indigenous, New Comer, and fellow marginalized on-campus community concerns.


Melissa is wearing a black, sleeveless top. Her hair is browned parted in the middle. She is smiling.

Melissa De Angelis, 2023-2024 Co-Coordinator (she/her) 

Melissa is an incoming 2L at McGill University. Before entering law school, she completed her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, Philosophy, and French at the University of Toronto. during which she served as the Executive Director of a feminist organization on campus and was one of the Editors-in-Chief of Pensées Canadiennes, a Canadian undergraduate journal of philosophy. During 1L, Melissa worked as an intake officer at McGill's Legal Information Clinic and co-created a podcast for the McGill Law Journal. Melissa is incredibly passionate about ensuring access to legal justice. As Program Coordinator for McGill’s chapter of PBSC, Melissa looks forward to connecting law students with the Montréal community and making a meaningful impact on the city she now calls home.


Jaiden smiling with teeth in a blue-toned button up shirt underneath a grey-toned blazer.

Jaiden Medford, 2022-2023 Communications Executive

Jaiden Medford is a first year McGill Law Student from the class of 2023. After working on the frontline of the COVID-19 Pandemic at a long-term care facility for two years, Jaiden grew interested in the application of law to improve the living conditions of the vulnerable populations in his community. Jaiden has worked at the Office of the Minister of National Revenue as well as the office of MP Celina Caesar Chavannes of Whitby, Ontario, and MP Angelo Iacono of Laval, Quebec. Jaiden’s community service was recognized with a finalist prize of the McCall MacBain Scholarship in 2023. His determination to drive social and physical betterment through legal means led him to become part of McGill University's Pro Bono Student Association, where he assists fellow students who share similar aspirations.

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