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Welcome! If you are here to apply to become a PBSC volunteer, please read the instructions below carefully in order to correctly complete your application. We wish you the best of luck in the process and we hope to have you on board as part of the PBSC team in the coming year.

Meet our Partners

Please carefully consult the following Project Description Handbook to learn about the organizations we are partnering with this year and the placements we are offering. The handbook describes the mandate of each organization and the responsibilities of the student volunteers that will be placed there. It also describes the various requirements that students must meet in order to be eligible for given placements (ie. Bilingualism, writing sample and CV for Stella, CV for Trans ID clinic, and an interview with Garage à Musique). If you require any clarifications, please contact the Program Coordinators.


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Important Instructions

  1. To apply, please complete the application form below.
  2. Please be as specific as you can when answering the questions in the application form.
  3. Please carefully consult the Project Description Handbook before completing your application and listing your choices. Certain projects have specific requirements. If you do not meet these requirements, we ask that you refrain from ranking these organizations.
  4. Please note the important dates listed in the sidebar and ensure that you will be available to attend the training sessions before applying. 
  5. Applications are due September 15th 2023, before 11:59pm. No late applications will be accepted.
  6. Students will be advised whether or not they have been matched with an organization before the end of the day on September 20th, 2023. You will have 48 hours, concluding September 22nd 5:00 pm, to accept or decline the offer and, if we do not hear from you, your silence will be interpreted as a refusal and the offer will be retracted.


Important Documents

Please find the application form here: Application Form 2023-2024



Any questions? Please feel free to [at] (contact) the Program Coordinators - Chanelle and Melissa.

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