Dr. Bassam Abdulkarim

Dr. Bassam Abdulkarim is an Associate Professor in the Department of Oncology (Director, Division of Radiation Oncology, since April, 2011) and principle investigator at the Research Institute of the MUHC. Dr. Abdulkarim joined the Department of Pathology as an associate member in 2013.

Research Interests
Dr. Abdulkarim’s main research focus is on translational research in Lung cancer and Brain tumor. His is currently investigating the effect of different types of radiation fractionation including ablative dose of radiation in lung cancer and brain tumor.

Dr. Abdulkarim’s major interest is to develop prognostic and predictive biomarkers to radiation alone or in combination with new-targeted therapies. In addition, one of his research interests is focusing on the “comprehensive approach of lung cancer, radiation-induced fibrosis, and development of new therapeutics. 

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