Yoram Shir


Alan Edwards Pain Management Unit of the McGill University Health Centre
(Montreal General Hospital Campus)
Montreal, Quebec


Professor of Anesthesia
Edwards Chair in Clinical Pain
Director – Alan Edwards Pain Management Unit


1983: M.D., Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel

Pain treatments:

Acute and chronic non-cancerous and cancerous pain

Special clinical interests:

Neuropathic pain; opioids in non-cancer pain patients; preemptive analgesia; environmental effect on chronic pain.

Selected publications:

Shir Y, Raja SN, Weissman CS, Campbell JN, Seltzer Z: Consumption of soy diet prior to nerve injury preempts the development of neuropathic pain in rats. Anesthesiology 95:1238-44:2001.

Shir Y, Rosen G, Zeldin A, Davidson E: Methadone is safe for treating hospitalized patients with severe pain. Can J Anesth 48;1109-13:2001.

Shir Y, Campbell JN, Raja SN, Seltzer Z: The correlation between dietary soy phytoestrogens and neuropathic pain behavior in rats after partial denervation. Anesth Analg 94;421-426:2002.

Pérez J, Ware MA, Chevalier S, Gougeon R, Bennett GJ, Shir Y: Dietary fat and protein interact in suppressing neuropathic pain-related disorders following a partial sciatic ligation injury in rats. Pain 111;297-305:2004.

Pérez J, Ware MA, Chevalier S, Gougeon R, Shir Y: Dietary omega-3 fatty acids could be associated with increased neuropathic pain in nerve-injured rats. Anesth Analg 101;444-8:2005.

Lamb L, Pereira JX, Shir Y: Nurse case management program of chronic pain patients treated with methadone. Pain Manag Nurs 8;130-8:2007.

Fitzcharles MA, Shir Y: New concepts in rheumatic pain. Rheum Dis Clin North Am 34;267-83:2008.

Fitzcharles MA, DaCosta D, Ware MA, Shir Y: Patient barriers to pain management may contribute to poor pain control in rheumatoid arthritis. J Pain 10;300-305:2009.

Shir Y, Fitzcharles M: Should rheumatologists continue to retain ownership of fibromyalgia? J Rheumatol 36;667-70:2009.

Fitzcharles MA, Shir Y: Opioid guidelines: helpful for the rheumatologist? Nature Reviews Rheumatology 5;242-4:2009.

Ware MA, Fitzcharles MA, Joseph L, Shir Y: The effects of nabilone on sleep in fibromyalgia: results of a randomized control trial. Anesth Analg 110;604-10:2010.

Fitzcharles MA, Lussier D, Shir Y: Management of chronic arthritis pain in the elderly. Drugs Aging 27; 471-90:2010.

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