Jordi Perez

 Jordi Perez, MD, PhD, FIPP is an anesthesiologist specialist in pain management.
He graduated in Medicine and then Anesthesiology in Barcelona, Spain and then pursued a career as pain clinician after a two-year combined research and clinical pain fellowship at McGill. He obtained  his PhD degree with a research on dietary modifications and experimental neuropathic pain. He has practiced  pain medicine in Spain and England before rejoining McGill in 2012.
He is currently Associate professor of Anesthesia at McGill University and directs the Cancer Pain Fellowship and is building the future McGill Pain Medicine Residency Program.

Jordi Perez is the Director of the MUHC Cancer Pain Program since 2014.

As member of the McGill University Research Institute and the Alan Edwards Centre for Research on Pain, his research interest include cancer pain management, interventional procedures for the relief drug resistant pain and the role of methadone as alternative opioid analgesic for pain management.

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