How to refer your patient to AEPMU

A patient candidate to be seen at AEPMU can only be seen if referred by a doctor, preferably the patient's general practitioner. You can download the forms clicking these links:


ENGLISH Referral:  PDF icon request_for_consultation_chronic_pain.pdf


Consultation FRANÇAIS: PDF icon demande_consultation_douleur_chronique.pdf

Upon receiving the consultation we will contact with the patient to schedule an orientation session (group session) with the lasts patients referred to our unit. During this orientation session the patient will learn our philosophy of treatment and will be asked to sign a patient-AEPMU agreement form along with a complete a medical questionnaire. A careful triage will be performed with your referral and the questionnaire your patient completed at the orientation session. A letter with an estimated waiting time will be sent to your patient for his/her information.

Triaging a new patient

New referrals are triaged by a team of three staff members: the medical director, a nurse and a psychologist. Typically, patients with cancer, some neuropathic pain types, postoperative pain and elderly patients are given priority and are seen as quickly as possible at the clinic, sometimes within a week or two.

By contrast, normal priority patients may wait some months for their first appointment. Our estimated waiting time for a low priority case is roughly 12 months.

The AEPMU receives referrals from family physicians and specialists in almost every medical discipline within and from outside the hospital. All patients must be referred by a medical doctor, preferably one who will continue to follow them. To ensure continued care after discharge from the Pain Centre, patients must have a family physician or to be registered in a family medicine clinic. Collaboration with the family physician during a patient's treatment at the Pain Centre is often helpful.

Occasionally, a referred patient may not be seen at all if the problem is not appropriate for the treatments we have available.

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