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Popular Health Guru Sayer Ji Curates the Scientific Literature with His Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy

11 Jul 2019

There is a tool on Sayer Ji’s website that I wish I could recommend. I am sometimes asked by members of the public for a place to go to find scientific papers in order to figure...

Just When You Think You Have Heard Everything, Along Comes the “JING ORB”

3 Jan 2019

Desperation can drive people to do desperate things. Such as investing in the “JING ORB” to try to resolve a health problem. You can’t blame anyone afflicted with a serious condition, one that...

Oprah for President?

12 Jan 2018

The U.S. is abuzz with chatter about Oprah for President. She makes a thoughtful, rousing, captivating speech at the Golden Globe Awards and people are ready to usher her into the Oval Office. But...

Webbed Foot Award 2017

26 Dec 2017

Every year as the year comes to an end we bestow our “Webbed Foot Award” on a worthy candidate. This year we are looking to do this by popular vote. Please send three candidates in order of merit...

Ideas to Reanimate the Dead Are Dead Wrong

20 Jun 2017

Reviving the dead using stem cells and electrical impulses sounds more like a plot for a Hollywood sci-fi movie than a process grounded in reality. And yet, that is exactly what a Philadelphia bio...


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