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Homeopathy and the Flu

20 Mar 2017

Here is a recipe. Into a liter bottle, pour a mixture of pancreatic juice, glucose and water. Then decapitate a muscovy duck and add 35 grams of its liver and 15 grams of its heart to the mixture....

Can asparagus be a treatment for cancer?

20 Mar 2017

What makes people believe the unbelievable? Sometimes it’s desperation. Sometimes it’s wishful thinking about simple answers for complex problems. Sometimes it is blind trust in the untrustworthy....

Immunity Quacks

20 Mar 2017

Would any parent believe that serving Rice Krispies or Cocoa Krispies to their children can help protect them from catching the flu? You would think not. But what if that box of cereal has a banner...

Down with Antioxidants!

20 Mar 2017

Down with flavones, flavanols and flavanones; the hydroxycinnamates, hydroxybenzoates and all carotenoids! No, I do not mean that these and all the other antioxidants should be banned from our food...

Formaldehyde in Baby Shampoo - Crunch the Numbers, Crunch the Scare

20 Mar 2017

It is a very small molehill. But to the folks at the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics (CSC) it seems more like Mount Everest. This organization’s recently released report features a cute baby smothered...

Orange Juice Silliness

20 Mar 2017

How do you get the public’s attention these days? Just come up with yet another scare about some consumer item. The best is a scare about some item that we thought was safe and wholesome. Like...

Chemistry lesson for The Food Babe… and everyone else #21: There is no such thing as "chemical free!"

17 Mar 2017

If you buy a chemical-free product, you’re not getting a good deal. You’re buying nothing. A vacuum. What’s a vacuum? A space empty of all matter. And what is matter? Anything that has mass and...

Chemistry lesson for The Food Babe… and everyone else #19: Alkaline Diets Do Not Cure Disease

17 Mar 2017

The best treatment for people prone to swallowing woo is a dose of chemistry. And one of the wooiest ideas out there is the one about alkaline diets curing disease. Gives me a headache. So let’s...

Garlic the rectum?!

3 Feb 2017

“Is it true that putting a piece of garlic in the rectum at night can cleanse the body?”...


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