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You Won’t Die from Touching Fentanyl

13 Oct 2023

On the fictional cop show Blue Bloods, in the appropriately titled episode “Pain Killers,” detective Maria Baez picks up a tray containing drug paraphernalia and a white powder and is soon seen on...

Is it true that you cannot eat polar bear liver?

6 Oct 2021

You could eat it. If you are lucky, you would live to regret it. That's because the liver could be lethal! You could overdose on retinol!

What is Guarana?

30 Sep 2021

The Amazon is a dangerous place, with jaguars, anacondas and piranhas in constant search for their next meal, but you would not have anything to fear from guarana. It isn’t a predator, it’s a woody...

N-Acetylcysteine--A Biochemical Triumph

20 Mar 2017

When a diagnosis is made of acetaminophen overdose in an emergency room, out comes the N-acetylcysteine (NAC). This is not a rare occurrence because acetaminophen is a widely used pain killer and...

Can You Overdose on Folic Acid?

20 Mar 2017

Vitamins have a great public image. Even the term itself derives from the Latin “vita,” meaning life. And indeed vitamins are essential to life. Our bodies cannot make these nutrients, so we must...

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