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The “Mini-Organs” Being Grown in Laboratories

21 Oct 2022

Somewhere, in a laboratory, there is a mini-brain growing. In fact, mini-brains are growing in many laboratories all over the world. What do they dream of? Nothing at the moment, and nothing for...

The Liver King Wants You to Dominate Your Health Like a Caveman

28 Jan 2022

Blowing up a bed using a tank is certainly a choice. The bed explodes in slow motion. First, we see the dirt raised from the ground behind the bed. Then, a ball of fire erupts, tossing pillows in...

Is Physioscan a Scam?

20 Mar 2017

Here is the question that came our way: “Is Physioscan the latest hype or just old news in Naturopathy?” I had never heard of PhysioScan so I looked into it. At first I thought it was a joke....

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