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Is Physioscan a Scam?

I had never heard of PhysioScan so I looked into it. At first I thought it was a joke. Actually, it is. It’s just that it wasn’t designed to be a joke.

Here is the question that came our way: “Is Physioscan the latest hype or just old news in Naturopathy?” I had never heard of PhysioScan so I looked into it. At first I thought it was a joke. Actually, it is. It’s just that it wasn’t designed to be a joke. So what is “PhysioScan?” It’s a computerized device designed to..…well, let them tell you what it is supposed to do:

“PhysioScan is an analyst/decoder which defines concretely (by the degree of entropy)the functional level of each tissue and/or organ of a human body.Its functioning is based on a biofeedback of cellular information owing to the application of " non linear dynamic systems ", a result/an outcome of " the chaos theory " (1970) firstly applied for neurobiology and biomedicine.For this purpose, " the magnetic sensors/detecting devices ", installed on the ear-helmet, record the signal distortion, produced by " the frequencies oscillator", governed from the fore-head of a patient. All these are connected with the computer in order to reflect on the screen and to memorize the registered and decoded data. PhysioScan allows to analyze a functioning level of more than 280 organs, organ sections, tissues, cells and cellular structures of the hole body, as well as of an osteo-articular system, so that we could see the zones of the body where the degree of the tensions is very high and define the origins of these tensions. Every organ and cell radiates a certain specific frequencies spectrum, stocked in the data bank of the computer.The interface of PhysioScan catches a frequencies spectrum of an organ or tissue under analysis and compares it with the data, registered in its memory. Thanks to this comparison, it indicates the condition of the tension of the organ or tissue and shows the pathology, the organ is susceptible to develop or in course of developpement. In fact, all physiologic disfunction is reflected by a frequency modification of the electromagnetic fields, transmited by the organs concerned. A dynamic diagram of PhysioScan presents also the quality of the information exchanged between the analyzed organ (or tissue) and its environment that permits to better qualify the primary etiology of a health alteration/modification and completely understand the mechanisms involved. Knowing that an unbalanced organ or tissue doesn't radiate the frequencies spectrum of a " healthy " organ, PhysioScan offers a possibility to " re-inform " the tissues concerned, in order to re-start up the functioning of deficient organ. For this purpose, it radiates the information of a healthy tissue frequencies so that this organ could " accommodate him-self " to a mentioned frequencies (the so called bioresonance controlled phenomenon). This kind of Meta-therapy is an informative, soft and not embarrassing method, hence, entirely respectful of a uniqueness of a vivacious body! The resonant chamber of the device allowed to test any chemical and biological products and definated character of influence on the concrete patient. So PhysioScan gives a possibility to estimate a patient if the medicine is good or not. And if the patient will be allergic at this medicine.

Now you know. Right? Didn’t think so. This is nothing more than a meaningless mish mash of terms designed to act as bait as some naturopaths go fishing for gullible victims. It sort of sounds as if someone sat down and said to themselves, “let me see now, how can we lace together the largest number of scientific sounding terms into a compelling but hollow blend of claims that will fleece the credulous in the most effective way?” Believe it or not these pseudoscientific gismos sell for upwards of $10,000. The practice of charlatanism requires an investment. But it pays off.

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