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Pharmacies That Blur the Line Between Sense and Nonsense

26 Apr 2018

I was technically on vacation but when I saw the words “integrative pharmacy”, I knew I had to take a look....

From Farm to Pharmacy: Wading Through the Muddied Waters of Antibiotic Resistance

20 Feb 2018

One of the mandates of our Office is to foster students’ skills in communicating science. We encourage students to submit articles and we publish the ones that we consider to be well written. These...

Rainforest Drugs

31 May 2017

Many pharmacologists and scientists work with “medicine men” in order to discover drugs that originate from rainforest plants. For example, an African tribe introduced the world to the Madagascar...

Nitric Oxide

20 May 2017

Nitric oxide is a messenger chemical used by the body to relax blood vessels and has therefore been studied for its potential to treat angina and high blood pressure. One way to increase levels in...

Cranberries: a Superfood

20 May 2017

Cranberries are commonly associated with Thanksgiving but in early America they played a varied role. Besides the berries serving as food, the plant’s leaves were commonly used for tea or as a...

Cholesterol’s Link to Breast Cancer

13 May 2017

Past studies have suggested that a connection may exist between diet and breast cancer. A paper published in the prestigious journal, Science, proposes a possible explanation. It seems that a...

Alkaline Nonsense

20 Mar 2017

It is so seductively simple.  If you want to avoid cancer, just make sure your body is “alkaline!”  Here is the rationale.  When a cell becomes cancerous it reduces its use of oxygen and cranks up...

New Use for Soap?

20 Mar 2017

On my radio show today the story of putting a bar of soap under the sheet to cure leg cramps came up again. When science leaves a void, as it does with the treatment of leg cramps, unconventional...

Music and Chemistry, Living in Perfect Harmony

20 Mar 2017

Quick now, name some famous scientists. Einstein surely comes to mind, then maybe Newton, Marie Curie, Galileo, Stephen Hawking. Not much of a problem. Next, name some famous composers. I suspect...


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