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Can We Get Smarter By Popping a Pill?

27 Mar 2024

We live in a world where people attempt to settle differences with insane wars and acts of terror. We foul our nest with an array of pollutants. We succumb to preventable diseases. We struggle to...

From the Jungle to the Operating Room

9 Feb 2024

This article was first published in the Montreal Gazette....

The Physician is Only Nature’s Assistant

26 Jan 2024

Although warm foods are not likely to cause the production of yellow bile and hot winds are unlikely to be the cause of your digestive issues, Greek physician Galen of Pergamum contributed...

The Power of Belief

20 Dec 2023

Scientifically speaking, it’s not very pleasing....

Not A Laughing Matter

25 Oct 2023

When I was growing up, “looning” meant one thing. You would fill a balloon with water and throw it at a target that usually did not welcome such activity. Today, “looning” has taken on another...

Rooting Out Curcumin Problems

11 Oct 2023

Divide some laboratory rabbits into three groups. Feed one group normal rabbit chow, the second group a high cholesterol diet, and the third group a high cholesterol diet supplemented with 0.2%...

The Nobel Prize Committee Sends a Message! Messenger RNA Research Merits Science’s Highest Honour!

4 Oct 2023

The wall above that photocopier located at the University of Pennsylvania may eventually feature a plaque that reads something like “it was here that Katalin Kariko and Drew Weissman met in 1998...

The First Canadian Nobel Prize

29 Sep 2023

As we approach the week during which the 2023 Nobel Prizes will be announced (October 2-9, 2023), it is perhaps timely to consider the events that surrounded the first Nobel Prize awarded to a...

When it Comes to Taking Medicine, It’s Not Only a Matter of “What,” but also “How”

27 Sep 2023

Serendipitous discoveries are legendary in science. Fleming’s discovery of penicillin, Perkin’s of mauve, Silver’s of post-it notes, Roentgen’s of x-rays, Fahlberg’s of saccharin, Plunkett’s of...


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