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Science for a Sushi Restaurant

10 Mar 2023

Do you ever wonder how you know when to stop eating? It’s more than just the uncomfortable pinch of your waistband digging into your skin. Somehow your brain knows when you’re full.

Apples- Getting to the Core

16 Jun 2021

I’m fond of apples. Maybe it has to do with some youthful memories of an upset tummy being soothed with a grated apple sprinkled with lemon juice. Or perhaps biting into one rekindles thoughts of...

Why do people get hungry an hour after eating Chinese food?

4 Oct 2019

As far as I know, this is all anecdotal and nobody has ever done a study to determine if this is actually true. To start with, not all Chinese meals are alike. “American” Chinese food with its bevy...

Why Breakfast is a Must

23 May 2017

Many obese people are not hungry when they awaken (in part because many of them had a big snack or meal just before going to bed), so their body’s degree of energy burning is not revved up before...

Biotechnology in Africa

20 Mar 2017

I have never really been hungry. Sure, I’ve had occasions when I could hardly wait to wolf down a slice of pizza or a serving of veggie goulash and I’ll admit to looking forward eagerly to the end...

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