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hair dye

Where does the colour go when I bleach my hair?

1 Mar 2018

Hair naturally gets its colour from a pigment molecule called melanin. There are 2 types of melanin: eumelanin, which gives hair and skin a brown or black hue, and pheomelanin, which gives the red...

Why Black Hair Dye Became Popular in 1930s Detroit

20 Mar 2017

Well, because Henry Ford decided that younger men could work more productively on his automobile assembly line and so began to fire older workers and higher younger ones. This prompted some of the...

"No More Dirty Looks" Gets a Dirty Look

20 Mar 2017

Siobahn O’Connor and Alexandra Spunt are two very pleasant ladies who came to see me when they were doing research for their recently published book, No More Dirty Looks. I was a little...

Kool Aid Hair Dye

20 Mar 2017

Just mention “Kool Aid” and my memories flop back to summer camp. That was the beverage we were served with every meal. And it was the same with my kids. They used to tell me about the "bug juice"...

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