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Arsenic in Poultry?!

20 Mar 2017

If you dine on chicken McNuggets, you’ll be getting a good dose of trans fats. But at least you won’t be ingesting any arsenic. That’s because MacDonalds only buys chicken meat from producers who...

Do GMO foods cause any health related risks?

20 Mar 2017

I don't believe they do but I keep hearing this from many of my friends and I would like to shut them up once and for all. If you have any studies or papers you could refer me to I would be ever so...

The Good Old Days?

20 Mar 2017

Surveys show that one of the biggest worries people have is about the safety of our food supply. When asked what they are concerned about, they mention pesticide residues, additives, genetic...

Can I eat food from a dented can?

20 Mar 2017

Obviously, the concern about dented cans is that the food they contain may not be safe to eat. To address this question we have to know a little about the canning process. The preservation of food...

Is Food Irradiation Dangerous?

20 Mar 2017

Try asking people what they are more scared of, exposing food to nuclear radiation or eating food contaminated by E. coli, Listeria or Salmonella bacteria. It’s a safe bet that many would rather...

Salty Food

20 Mar 2017

Perhaps surprisingly, only about 15% of our salt intake comes from the salt shaker, the rest is found in the plethora of processed foods we consume. All that salt adds up to about 10 grams a day...

Apple Juice, Arsenic, and Dr. Oz

20 Mar 2017

When anyone says "arsenic" and people automatically respond with “poison.” Of course they are right. There is no doubt that arsenic can kill you. And it can do so quickly by disrupting the...

What is "meat glue"?

20 Mar 2017

So what exactly is this “meat glue?” Rest assured that no horses were condemned to the glue factory to produce it. What we’re talking about is an enzyme called transglutaminase that allows a...

Peppermint lozenges and poisoning

22 Feb 2017

In 1858 in Bradford, England, 200 people became ill from eating peppermint lozenges.  Unfortunately, 18 of them died within a week.  The cause?  Arsenic poisoning!  At the time calcium sulfate ...


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