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Infatuated With Chemistry

3 Apr 2024

The fact that virtually everything in our life, be it digesting our food, using medications to treat disease, producing the clothes we wear, and even the grinding of our mental gears can be...

Macropanic Over Nanoplastics?

11 Jan 2024

I keep teasing my analytical chemist colleagues that they are responsible for the anxiety that so many people have about chemicals invading their lives. Hardly a day goes by without some report of...

The First Consumer Activist

26 Jul 2023

So you are worried about aspartame or a little Red #3 in your food? You know what you would have to worry about back in the early years of the 19th century? A little strychnine in the beer.  A...

Should We Be Eating More Mushrooms? Maybe.

7 Jun 2023

Scientific studies are often speckled with words like “can,” “could,” “may,” “appear,” “linked” or “correlated.” This is bothersome. These terms are just too “iffy” to allow for any solid...

Can you eat to beat disease?

19 Apr 2023

Just about any publication that explores the role of diet in disease invokes Hippocrates’ famous dictum, “Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food.” Actually, there is no record of...

Fighting the Urge to Eat Bar Soap

14 Apr 2023

There’s something very pleasant about perusing the artisanal soap selection at a home goods store or farmer’s market. With additives like honey and oatmeal, they appeal to the palate as well as to...

The Demonization of Dietary Oxalate Has Begun

6 Jan 2023

You could call it The One True Cause of All Diseases Club. Admission is based on whether or not you have a mustache and are willing to twirl it a lot. A volcano lair and a love for petting white...

Food For Thought- Literally

2 Mar 2022

What exactly should we eat? You would think that after literally thousands and thousands of studies that have been published on every aspect of nutrition, we would have an answer to that question....


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