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What are icepacks made of?

23 Jun 2023

With summer weather arriving in a blaze of glory, your trusty ice packs might start getting more use. Whether for keeping food and drinks cool, icing injuries, or relieving the discomfort of a...

Professor Popsicle’s Physiological Proof

17 Feb 2023

Growing up with cold Canadian winters means that we get to enjoy tobogganing, skiing, and other snowy activities. It also means that from a young age, we’re warned of the dangers of getting too cold.

Do I tilt my head forwards or backwards during a nosebleed?

30 Sep 2022

In Netflix’s Stranger Things, Eleven develops a nosebleed whenever she harnesses her telekinetic powers. From crumpling a coke can to committing murder — the more exertion her psychokinesis...

“Jansporting”: When it Saves Lives and When it Doesn’t

23 Sep 2022

Back to school season usually evokes the image of new supplies — coloured highlighters, clean lab coats and lined paper, all packed nicely into students’ backpacks. On university campuses, however,...

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