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Put a Sock in it, Dr. Oz.

20 Mar 2017

Dr. Oz is being sued. Not for dispensing silly advice about "natural" weight loss supplements. Not for shamelessly promoting "Dr.Oz's homeopathic kit." Not for having nutcase Joe Mercola on his...

Taxing Soft Drinks

20 Mar 2017

A gulp of cola tastes just right with a slice of pizza and a smoked meat sandwich goes down nicely with a black cherry soda. I’ll admit to an occasional such indulgence. But for the majority of...

Can phytoplankton cure cancer?

20 Mar 2017

It’s a compelling story. Tom Harper and his wife built a large shellfish farm in British Columbia but found it hard to make ends meet because of the expense of the feed that was needed. So Tom...

What is the Difference between Type I and Type II diabetes?

20 Mar 2017

Most people have witnessed, at some point a friend or a family member inject themselves with a needle after a meal. What causes them to do this? Diabetes! They are injecting themselves with insulin...


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