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Oh My, There is Cyanide in B12 Supplements. Really.

17 Aug 2022

There are many things in life to worry about but cyanide in vitamin B12 supplements is not one of them. Why do I bring this up? Because of a video that has been circulating about “the toxic...

How do you know?

2 Sep 2021

That is the question a student asked me after I had just finished a lecture on toxicology in which I had described the problem of cyanide poisoning by cassava, a tuber similar to the potato. With...

Apples- Getting to the Core

16 Jun 2021

I’m fond of apples. Maybe it has to do with some youthful memories of an upset tummy being soothed with a grated apple sprinkled with lemon juice. Or perhaps biting into one rekindles thoughts of...

Disposal of Chemical Weapons in Oceans?

20 Mar 2017

Since World War I, the U.S. Armed Forces have routinely discarded conventional explosives, radiological waste and chemical weapons in the oceans. When this was publicly revealed by the Department...

Is it true that cyanide is added to salt?

15 Feb 2017

Some commercial varieties of salt have small amounts of sodium ferrocyanide added to prevent the caking (or clumping) that can occur under various conditions. When humidity is high, for example, a...

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