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Nattokinase’s Clot-Busting Promises Sway Scientists Who Should Know Better

4 Aug 2023

It has been called a “powerful all-natural supplement,” one that shows “exceptionally potent” clot-busting action. This same enthusiastic source even refers to it as a “miracle food.” No, this was...

Can you really tug at the heartstrings?

3 Mar 2023

Have you ever heard the story of the Japanese dog, Hachikō? For years, Hachikō accompanied his owner, Ueno, on part of his commute to work, walking with him to and from the Shibuya train station....

Just say no!

22 Feb 2023

“A spoonful of sucrose helps the medicine go down,” as Mary Poppins told us. But she neglected to say that it also increases our risk of cardiovascular disease. Actually, Mary didn’t say sucrose,...

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