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Time for Parmesan

3 Apr 2019

Time Magazine, usually a reliable source of information, got this story wrong. “The U.S. Food and Drug Administration warned that products labeled ‘100% Parmesan’ might actually contain cheese...

Mac and Cheese Scare

14 Jul 2017

The media has jumped with vigour on a press release from an activist organization (KleanUpKraft) entitled “Testing Finds Industrial Chemical Phthalates in Cheese.” Phthalates are indeed “industrial...

Crafty Kraft

20 Mar 2017

Kraft processed cheese singles, at least the full fat version, is not the same anymore. You won’t notice any change in taste though because the only difference will be a substitution of one...

Pizza Pie in the Sky

20 Mar 2017

Imagine being admitted to a hospital with a heart attack and a doctor asking how many times a week you eat pizza. This was the actual question that was asked of 507 heart attack victims and 478...

Are unpasteurized cheeses safe to consume?

20 Mar 2017

While selling raw milk in Canada is illegal, the sale of cheese made from unpasteurized milk is allowed as long as the cheese has been aged at 2 degrees C or above for at least 60 days. Studies...

Plastic Cheese and Fake Mayo

20 Mar 2017

On a recent trip to the U.S. I perused the menu and decided on a cheese sandwich. When I queried the waitress about the kind of cheese involved, I was told, “American!” I replied I was interested...

The Secret World Inside Us

20 Mar 2017

Recently, there’s been an influx of media attention on guts. More specifically, the microbes that live in your gut. Extensive research is being done on these little guys as they seem to be having a...

Does Blue Cheese Cause Cancer?

20 Mar 2017

Is it true that eating blue cheese causes cancer? That is what one of our correspondents wanted to know. Mercifully, the answer is: no. But I think I know how this story got started. Blue cheese is...

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