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You Asked

Is it true that getting angry can affect the heart?

20 Feb 2017

Indeed, the risk of a heart attack or angina is nearly five times higher in the two hours following an anger outburst than at other times, and the risk of stroke is four times higher. Let’s not get...

Why are homeopathic teething “remedies” having adverse reactions in infants?

20 Feb 2017

The bizarre tenet of homeopathy is that a substance that causes symptoms in a health person can relieve those symptoms in a sick person as long as it is diluted to an extent that contains almost...

Is it true that cyanide is added to salt?

15 Feb 2017

Some commercial varieties of salt have small amounts of sodium ferrocyanide added to prevent the caking (or clumping) that can occur under various conditions. When humidity is high, for example, a...

Hydrogen Peroxide: the body's best defence system

18 Jan 2017

Enzymes are special protein molecules that speed up chemical reactions. But why should liver contain an enzyme that helps degrade hydrogen peroxide? Because hydrogen peroxide actually forms as a...


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