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Acrylic Encounters

1 Sep 2021

In a classic scene from the movie “How to Marry a Millionaire,” Marilyn Monroe shows off her shapely legs as she sunbathes wearing see-through acrylic shoes and little else. The history of this...

From Bugs to Plastics

20 Aug 2021

During the first years of the twentieth century, the demand for shellac outstripped the supply. It wasn’t because people developed a sudden penchant for shiny furniture. Electricity was starting to...

Cobbling Together the Legend of Nicolas Flamel

13 Aug 2021

Once upon a time, about four hundred years ago, there lived a cobbler in Bologna by the name of Vincenzo Cascariolo.  But this cobbler was interested in more than just making shoes last longer, he...

The Kiss of Death- Almost

4 Aug 2021

An Italian lady showed up at a clinic complaining of generalized itching and swelling of her lips about 30 minutes after making love with her husband. The reaction disappeared after treatment with...

Hal the Healer and Others of His Ilk

30 Jul 2021

A large crowd surrounded Hal the Healer's platform in the middle 1800s. Before beginning, Hal signaled his band to strike up a lively tune. Why? Because Hal was preparing to pull a tooth and the...

From Armstrong to Bezos

21 Jul 2021

On that July 20, back in 1969, streets were almost empty you could have launched a huo chien down most streets in America without hitting a single person. That’s because almost everyone was huddled...

How Come You Never See a Baby Housefly?

16 Jul 2021

Simple. Because baby houseflies don’t exist. A little backgrounder on the flies’ reproductive cycle can clear up this apparent conundrum. Within a week of mating, a doggie-style activity lasting...

Frankness About Frankenstein

14 Jul 2021

In virtually every film adaptation of Mary Shelley’s classic, Frankenstein, the Creature is brought to life with a jolt of electricity with sparks flying all over. Often there are also the...

Bat Poop Accused of Crimes!

9 Jul 2021

COVID has not been kind to bats. They have been accused of harbouring the SARS-CoV-2 virus and transferring it to people via an animal vector. But this is not the first time that these flying...


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