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OSS 20th Timeline

28 Jun 2019

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Under The Microscope: Velcro

21 May 2019

Just like Vivaldi was inspired by nature to compose his Four Seasons concertos, the inventor of Velcro was also inspired by nature. Specifically, by burrs.

Under The Microscope: Rose Petals

6 May 2019

Nowadays roses are mostly used for Bachelorette ceremonies and hipster lattes, but once upon a time roses, and their fruit, rose hips, were widely used as medicines....

A Little Mercurial History

10 Apr 2019

“Since calomel’s become their boast,/ How many patients have they lost?/ How many thousands they make ill,/ Of poison with their calomel?” So ran a little verse written in 1825 by an unknown poet...

Bottled Superstition: Then and Now

5 Apr 2019

Workers at a London construction site were mystified when they unearthed a sealed stoneware bottle with some very strange markings including the image of a scary bearded man. The bottle, obviously...

How Louis Pasteur Beat a Beet Problem and Changed Medicine Forever

6 Mar 2019

Pasteur, who was then a young professor of chemistry at the University of Lille, was saddled with a problem faced by many researchers today. He needed funding and sought help from private...