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What is Colon Cleansing?

20 Mar 2017

John Wayne did not die with forty pounds of fecal matter impacted in his colon. Where does such a preposterous notion come from? Generally one of two sources. The nonsense stems either from people...

Plastics in the Kitchen

20 Mar 2017

Oh, those analytical chemists. They do cause problems don’t they? With their ability to find the presence of chemicals at parts per trillion, they can not only find the needle in the proverbial...

Retinyl Palmitate

20 Mar 2017

According to the Environmental Working Group (EWG), a non-profit, environmental advocacy group, we should all be wary of retinyl palmitate. This compound is commonly added to a range of skin care...

Bath Salts & Other Spiked Drugs

20 Mar 2017

“Bath salts,” “vacuum fresheners” and “plant food” seem innocuous enough. You can pick then up at some gas stations, convenience stores, some garden supply shops, or order them on the Internet....

What is Huffing?

20 Mar 2017

According to new data obtained by the Partnership for a Drug-Free America, the use of inhalants is on the rise. The number of grade eight student users has jumped by eighteen percent; and the...

What is Smart Bread?

20 Mar 2017

I’m not sure why they call it “smart bread.” Is it because it’s smart to eat it or because it is made for smart people? Or could they be referring to the omega-3 fats added to the bread? There are...

The Good Old Days?

20 Mar 2017

Surveys show that one of the biggest worries people have is about the safety of our food supply. When asked what they are concerned about, they mention pesticide residues, additives, genetic...

A Tangerine a Day Keeps the Heart Surgeon Away?

20 Mar 2017

“Huge doses of purified methoxylated polyflavones increase insulin sensitivity and attenuate atherosclerosis in mice” is certainly not as catchy a headline as “Tangerine a Day Keeps Heart Surgeons...

What is melatonin?

20 Mar 2017

Melatonin is certainly an interesting substance. It began to pique the curiosity of researchers in the 1950s when they discovered that production of this hormone by the pineal gland in the brain...


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