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Strawberry Fields Forever (With or Without Pesticides)

19 Apr 2018

It’s springtime which means it is time for the Environmental Working Group (EWG) to send the media into a frenzy with its annual release of the “dirty dozen” conventionally produced fruits or...

Can Science Explain the New Star Wars Planet?

6 Feb 2018

Science fiction movies are usually a little more fiction than science, but you never know where you might catch a glimmer of the real world. For instance, take the bona fide space classic: Star...

Do Not Mess with a Bombardier Beetle!

28 Dec 2017

Why not? Because you risk being sprayed with a hot solution containing irritant chemicals known as benzoquinones.  In all likelihood it would be a memorable, but unhappy experience.  Based on their...

It’s Thanksgiving and time to talk..turkey

9 Oct 2017

Eventually we will run out of oil.  There is no doubt about that.  The earth is of a fixed size, and the amount of oil stored in the ground is not infinite.  We take it out of the ground and do not...

You’re sweet, honey, but I’ve got others on my mind

20 Jul 2017

I have been hard at work lately trying to convert a half-acre of lawn into a flourishing pollinator garden at home. Basically, this has involved sowing some seeds and letting it grow. I think I...

The Chlorpyrifos Controversy

7 Jun 2017

“Science not silence,” screamed the signs carried by many of the marchers in a number of American cities last Earth Day.

Grolar Bears

31 May 2017

Experts believe that the polar bears are traveling south to escape the effects of global warming while the grizzly bears are moving northward thus leading to the creation of a new species: grizzly...

Latex-Emitting Dandelions

30 May 2017

Ever snap off a dandelion head and see the white liquid seeping out from the stem? It turns out that fluid isn’t sap or poison, but a defense mechanism, in the form of latex! The Lithuanian word...

A Novel Approach to Weed Management

22 May 2017

A novel drone system is currently being tested in Denmark. Don’t worry, it will be targeting weeds not people. The goal is to reduce herbicide use by limiting application to heavily infested areas....


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