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Luciferin and GFP: The Fluorescent Chemicals Used by Insects, Sea Creatures and Humans!

11 Aug 2022

Eons ago in a remote village in China, a promising young lad was studying for the almighty civil service registry exam. His parents were too poor to afford an oil-burning lamp so that he could read...

The Magic of Butterfly Pea Tea

10 Aug 2022

The scientific name for the Butterfly Pea plant is Clitoria ternatea, which sounds exactly like what you may be thinking: female genitalia. In fact, its name was inspired by the resemblance of its...

Sri Lanka and Organic Farming?

29 Jul 2022

Nicknamed the teardrop of India for its distinctive shape, the island of Sri Lanka off the southeast coast of the subcontinent has dug itself into an economic hole. In April of 2021, Sri Lanka’s...

When Drinking Tea, You Get a Mouthful of Bug DNA

5 Jul 2022

There are bugs in your cup of tea. Not whole bugs (hopefully not). But the essence of a hundred species of insects can be found in that tea bag you buy from the store. Even if you have been sipping...

Attacking the Windmills

4 May 2022

Don Quixote mistook windmills for giants and attacked them. That actually seems rational when compared with the attacks launched by Donald Trump against wind turbines, or “windmills” in Trump-speak...

Putin’s Appetite for War Has The World Feeling Pangs of Hunger

6 Apr 2022

“A butterfly can flap its wings in Peking, and in Central Park, you get rain instead of sunshine.” That memorable quote comes from Jeff Goldbloom in Jurassic Park as he tries to explain how worldly...

Splendid Rays and Skin Cancer

29 Mar 2022

Helios, the sun god in Greek mythology, rode a chariot across the sky, east to west, sunrise to sundown, year round, as dusk bestows silvery moonlight accompanied by stars that extend to infinity...

Decline in Rush-Hour Traffic a Boon for Health

9 Jul 2021

This article was originally published in the Montreal Gazette...


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