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Excimer Lasers

During the 1970’s in Moscow, Russia excimer lasers were first developed, consisting of both reactive and inert gases. When excited electrically, the mixture of these gases produces a dimer. Thus ‘excimer’ combines the terms “excited” and “dimer.” This laser disrupts chemical bonds of organic tissue when it produces energy in the ultraviolet spectrum; because it neither burns nor cuts material the excimer laser has many applications. Most applications are medicinal, it’s most famous use being LASIK eye surgery. In eye surgery the laser is targeted to a specific area in order to safely correct one’s vision.  Furthermore, eyes will not be damaged by heat because excimer laser are cool lasers meaning that no heat is generated. Excimer lasers are progressively being refined and will continue to play a major role in surgery, micromachining and the production of microelectronic devices.

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