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The Real Connection Between Carrots and Vision

The common myth is that carrots are good for your eyesight. But where did this myth originate?

During World War II, the British Royal Air Force started a rumour that carrots gave their fighter pilots sharp vision and accuracy. This was not true. Radar was responsible for their success against the Luftwaffe. But the British wanted to keep this a secret from their enemies. So naturally, they planted a false trail. Yes, it’s true that carrots are excellent source of beta-carotene, the body’s precursor for vitamin A, but studies have shown vision benefits will only be seen when there is a deficiency of vitamin A. Nonetheless, there are many studies suggesting that carrots lead to a variety of health benefits; therefore, it’s not a bad idea to incorporate carrots in your diet. Don’t overdose though, unless you fancy an orange countenance.


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