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Enough To Make Scientists Cry!

People have been asking about a video by anti-vaxxer Del Bigtree who claims that the COVID-19 vaccines have not been properly tested, made animals deathly ill in trials, and are ineffective and dangerous for humans. I'm not going to share the video here because it is ludicrous. Bigtree is a notorious conspiracy theorist with no medical background who spouts banalities left and right. The video that is making the rounds is a collage of misinformation and outright lies. He spews the usual drivel about COVID being no more dangerous than the common cold...yeah...tell that to the hundreds of thousands who have died. Anything that comes from the fetid mouth of Bigtree should be directed straight towards the nearest toxic waste disposal site.

Then we have another scandalous video from osteopathic physician Carrie Madej that is so ridiculous that it is hard to believe she has had any scientific education. Madej starts out by describing correctly the role that DNA plays as the blueprint for virtually everything that happens in our body, and then proceeds to jump off the springboard directly into an empty pool. The mRNA vaccines, she says, are going to convert us into genetically modified organisms by altering our DNA. This is absolute nonsense. mRNA does not get incorporated into DNA. All it does is code for the production of the virus’ spike protein which in turn stimulates antibody production.

Next, Madej goes on to say that the vaccines have not been tested in animals, which is totally false. This is followed by the claim that there have been no randomized double-blind human trials which is also false. As if that were not enough rubbish, she then goes on to claim that the vaccines will “hook us all up to an artificial intelligence interface” whatever that may mean. She then tells us that she knows this is a lot of information to digest, which she apparently has not been able to do because she has to read every word of this diatribe. As a finale, this specimen gets all emotional, and believe it or not, starts to cry at the prospect of the world being exposed to the vaccine. The barrage of crocodile tears loaded with putrid pseudoscience is enough to make anyone with a modest scientific background cry.


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