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Critical Thinking

Why are some Sunscreens Labelled as “Reef-Safe”?

30 Jun 2022

“Reef-Safe” on the label intends to inform the consumer that the product does not contain ingredients that may harm coral reefs. That claim, though, must be viewed with a degree of skepticism.

Harvard Psychiatrist Makes Inflated Claims About Food’s Power to Fight Mental Illness

28 Jun 2022

Looking through a microscope will make something tiny look big. It blows the teeny-weeny out of proportion. As it turns out, you don’t even need a microscope to do that.

How Nature Solved the Problem of Too Much DNA

16 Jun 2022

When you consider how babies are made, you bump up against a basic math problem. No need for calculus here, or even the mental gymnastics of carrying the one. It’s a problem of doubling.

The Problems with Adaptogens

9 Jun 2022

Mark my words: long COVID will be a magnet for quacks.

Steve Kirsch and the Seduction of Simplicity

20 May 2022

A central lesson we scientists learn in university is that science is complicated. Experiments that should yield either result A or B show us C, instead. Individual studies are flawed, and our...

Resetting the Hype Around the Vagus Nerve

13 May 2022

Murkiness and wishful thinking about an emerging scientific subject can be spun into certainty. Where researchers are exploring the tenebrous depths of our nervous system with the equivalent of a...

Doing Your Own Research a Little Bit Better

14 Apr 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic helped popularize a hair-raising phrase: “do your own research.” Portrayed as a call for self-empowerment, it became the tell-tale sign of someone who didn’t trust public...


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