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Crank Magnetism at the Weston A. Price Foundation

12 Apr 2024

In June 2007, Mark Hoofnagle and Chris Hoofnagle published an article on ScienceBlogs entitled “Crank Magnetism.” As far as I can tell, this is the first appearance of this phrase online.

MOSH Bars Are Starved of Good Science

5 Apr 2024

“It’s never too late to think about your brain health. It’s never too late to think about, ‘how can I delay Alzheimer’s?’, and MOSH is your partner.”...

You Probably Don’t Need that Green AG1 Smoothie

22 Mar 2024

It has sponsored major YouTube channels and podcasts, like Joe Rogan’s and Lex Fridman’s. One of the top science podcasters, Andrew Huberman, is even an official partner of the product. It was also...

The Chilled Truth: Debunking Myths About Icing Your Face for Better Skin

22 Mar 2024

In pursuit of flawless skin, people often come across various beauty routines and skincare hacks. One trend, among many others, that has gained popularity in recent years is the practice of icing...

How to Spot AI Fakes (For Now)

14 Mar 2024

In a recent test, a little over a thousand American adults were shown eight videos, and they had to choose if the video was real or if it had been completely generated by an artificial intelligence...

Mozart’s Music Doesn’t Make Baby Geniuses

8 Mar 2024

There is an alchemy to science. Sometimes, when the conditions are just right, the results of tiny, preliminary studies are transformed into truisms that spread the world over. For example,...

The “Repronizer” Merits Reproach

28 Feb 2024

We have become accustomed to seeing a lot of gobbledygook online. But the jargon that purports to explain the workings of the “Repronizer” elevates bunk to new heights. What is the Repronizer? A...

You Probably Don’t Have a Leaky Gut

23 Feb 2024

There is a world in which our gut is leaking and causing all manner of diseases. It is not our world, but the trip through the looking-glass is an easy one to make.


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