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An Apple A Day...

There are many environmental groups that raise legitimate and thoughtful questions about chemical issue. The Environmental Working Group is not one of them. This organization is dedicated to raising money through fear-mongering. Every year they come out with their nonsensical Dirty Dozen, usually with apples somewhere near the top as a fruit that should only be consumed if it is organic. They actually scare people away from eating fruits and vegetables. They mindlessly over hype chemical risks. every morning I get some news release from them about all the horrors in our food supply and in the afternoon I get a solicitation for funds so they can carry out their "excellent" work. This is the time of year they come out with their Dirty Dozen so any day now I expect to see their annual diatribe. My advice? Eat all the apples you can. If expense is not an issue, and you can find them, no problem with organic. But the important thing is not whether they are organic or conventional but whether you eat them or not. Apples are a great snack or dessert no matter what the agenda-driven folks at the Environmental Working Group say. I'm sure they will whine about the 34 or so pesticides that are allowed on apples and will imply that you can find these on a given apple. Rubbish. Farmers try to minimize pesticide use, if for no other reason, expense. No apple contains 34 pesticide residues. An apple a day? No! Make it at least two. And there are a lot more worthy causes to donate money to than the EWG.


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