Refractive Surgery Research Unit (RSRU)

The Refractive Surgery and Research lab’s main mission is to contribute clinically meaningful, evidence-based findings to the field of refractive surgery. The lab aims to widely disseminate practical knowledge gained in order to maximize surgical outcomes and minimize patient risk.

Under the direction of Dr. Avi Wallerstein, the lab’s primary current research is focused on topography-guided LASIK and PRK, excimer laser nomogram development, and corneal collagen crosslinking (CXL). Additional areas of work include corneal ectasia, Keratoconus diagnosis, and refractive surgery-related complications. Femtosecond laser technologies and intraocular refractive and cataract procedure outcomes are further fields of investigation.

The lab’s Research Scientist, Dr. Mathieu Gauvin, brings a strong data science expertise to the unit, including data processing, machine learning, pattern recognition, scientific processes automation, and development of software and digital tools for refractive surgery research. Statistical analysis of large and complex datasets serves as an essential tool to gather clinical information that can improve patient treatments and derive forward-looking insights that help predict patient outcomes.

The lab has exclusive access to some of the largest electronic refractive surgery databases, adding more than 75,000 new eye data per year, comprised of LASIK, PRK and IOL surgery. The RSRU database and EMR infrastructure allows the development of advanced surgical nomograms, well-controlled prospective clinical trials, and to publish some of the largest and most extensive retrospective clinical research studies in the field.

The interdisciplinary research unit is highly collaborative, involving local and international medical students, residents, and postdoctoral fellows in a wide variety of clinical and data-intensive research projects. The lab also has strong collaborative ties with various world experts and prominent eye surgeons in their field.



Dr. Avi Wallerstein

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